Scott Stapp: A voice for the ages, embraces The Madness

Art of Anarchy

He rose to fame as the lead singer of Creed, the post-grunge band that scorched the scene with popular Arena-Rock songs like “My Own Prison”, “Arms Wide Open”, “Higher” and “My Sacrifice”. Scott Stapp and Creed sold over 59 million albums worldwide, becoming the 9th best-selling artist of the 2000’s.

With great success there is always great pressure to maintain or exceed it. Stapp and Creed eventually cracked and split under this pressure. In 2004 Creed disbanded and Scott Stapp found his solo voice, recording his first individual album in 2005, he would later record a second in 2013.

Scott reunited with his old band in 2009, but once again tensions arose and projects were halted. By late 2014 drugs, alcohol and depression increasingly crept into his life culminating into a series of troubling social media videos and disturbing behavior full of paranoia. He hit rock bottom, but that would not hold this rock star down.

Art of Anarchy: the MadnessScott is reinvigorated, free from the prison of drugs and alcohol, and is now the lead singer of Art Of Anarchy, a super group consisting of lead guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal who hails formerly from Guns N’ Roses, bassist John Moyer who rose to fame as a member of Disturbed and twin brothers Jon Votta (guitar) and Vince Votta (drums), who gained prominence as fixtures on the New York music scene.

In Art Of Anarchy’s latest single, his voice emerges through a blend of precisely timed and expertly executed instruments. “I’m frozen within the ice and bitter wind” are the first 8 lyrics instantly reminding us why he stands near the top of the Mount Rushmore of rock vocalists. Scott Stapp has returned to do what he does best, all the while embracing …The Madness.

Scott Stapp calls AFN Radio, talks Troops, Art Of Anarchy and life, click below to listen!

Angel Orozco, Contributing Writer
Angel Orozco, Contributing Writer