Phil Labonte: All That Remains…is constant change!

If, after 15 years your style has been highly opinionated, unapologetic, genre-breaking, and also very successful, why would you change it? Maybe because change has been one of the keys to Phil Labonte and his band’s longevity. It is not a trick, nor the “game-plan” to switch up the sound to maximize record sales. As Phil says, “I can’t, in good conscience put out the same record over and over. I write music because I want to experiment and try new things.”

All That Remains delivers an album that ranges from catchy hook-filled songs like “Madness” (video at bottom) to hardcore metal sounds and lyrics in tracks like “Safehouse” (loosely inspired by the Showtime® TV series Dexter). Labonte wears his heart on his sleeve in “Rivercity”, a song that flows with emotions and tells the real life story of what he went through as a military spouse while his then-wife was serving as a Marine on deployment in the Middle East. “Rivercity stands for ‘reduced communications,'” he explains. “Me and my ex would be on the phone and she’d be like, ‘Yo, the base is getting mortared. I gotta go.'” If someone dies, they shut off communications until they can notify the families of the people that die. Labonte experienced this many times and in the interview with him he struggles to keep from choking up as he discusses his feelings about this particular tune.

All That Remains takes “Madness” to a new level as the bands 8th studio album winds down to a close; it’s something I’ve never heard on a hard rock/metal offering. The final track starts with the natural sound of rolling thunder that quickly cracks into a 6 second man-made storm of clean electric guitar and accompanying bass. A breath of calm plucking follows, before the lyrics of Garth Brooks -The Thunder Rolls are reincarnated by the slightly effected, dynamic vocals of Phil Labonte. Hard rock and a country classic collide for this epic song!

Click the link below to hear the AFN Radio exclusive interview with Phil Labonte, singer for All That Remains.

Interview: Phil Labonte from All That Remains, 2017

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Angel Orozco, Contributing Writer
Angel Orozco, Contributing Writer